Number 1

Posted on January 16, 2020Comments Off on Number 1

I never expected to find a friend, a kindred spirit, a soul-sister when I was connected, through a neighbor, with Aine Brosnan. She spent several days with me and a friend as I created my pilgrimage through the central part of Ireland.  Aine, gifted story-teller, archaeologist and guide shared history, lore, traditions and personal experiences of the places we visited.  She created ceremony and celebration for Imbolc and St. Brigid’s Feast.  We celebrated the sunset at the place of Eiru resting place in Uisneach.  I was dealing with a personal injury to my back and Aine was respectful in the pacing and planning of our activities.  Because she knew through our planning conversation that this was a personal pilgrimage, she helped me create a rich and meaningful experience.  The accommodations she secured were lovely, comfortable and within my budget.  The dining recommendations were top notch.  I can’t wait to see more of Ireland with Aine!