Experience Ancient Mythical Ireland

I offer Day Excursions that take you off the beaten path to Sacred Sites that are largely inaccessible through conventional tours.

Travel through Magical Landscapes and Connect to the Spirit and Wisdom of Mother Earth

My passion taking people to experience the ancient mystical places held sacred by our ancestors, known archaeologically as ‘megalithic sites’ – literally big stone monuments. Built during the late Stone Age and Bronze Age periods, these wedge tombs, stone circles and monoliths, probably multifunctional, seem to have been built to mark the burial of a particular person or persons, but also located at specific places on the earth, places of interface with the energetic grid of the earth. Our ancestors seemed to understand these telluric energetics, and oriented themselves, in the earkiest of times creating calendars, by noting the position on the horizons of where the sun, moon or stars rose and set. These sacred places are coming into the consciousness so strongly at this times on earth when our position on the planet has become so precarious, due to the pollution being perpetrated in the name of progress!

We will visit 3 to 4 of these ancient sacred sites ranging in date from the Stone Age through the Bronze Age into the early Christian period. Located in secluded valleys and dramatic coastlines along the Mizen, Beara and Iveragh Peninsulas, hidden gems not easily accessed by regular tour buses.

We’ll take time to be still and enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature, to allow ourselves to connect to the natural world and the Great Mystery.

What to Expect

Day Excusions are approximately 6 hours including driving time and lunch.

I meet you at your hotel or inn. After an introductory chat about the area and some refreshments, we take to the roads in your vehicle. (Please note, my transportation costs to your accommodation are not included in the Excursion fee).

We will visit between 3/4 ancient sites depending on our starting point on either the Beara or Iveragh peninsulas.

We’ll stop for lunch (not included in the fee) at a small restaurant or cafe which offers delicious fresh food sourced from the many amazing local food producers.

Add a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Session

As an option if suitable I can come to your accommodation and offer a kundalini yoga and meditation session – beginners catered for. Yoga mats can be supplied. Duration 1.5 hrs. Added cost of 20€ per person.