Bringing the Sacred into the Everyday

I’m very inspired to offer an experience to build a new community, to journey together, building an everyday practice, bringing the sacred into the everyday coming into ceremony with the moon as we move through our life cycles of earth moon and stars.

This can be done so simply by spending a few moments every day, ideally in the morning before we slip into our routine, to consciously come into ceremony with ourselves and the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. 

This is something I’ve been practicing for many years and feel it’s such an antidote to the frazzling nature of modern western lifestyles ! Tuning into nature and her changing seasons can have a massive energetic effect on us and on the ways we present in the world.

I would love to share my daily practice of tuning into the goddess archetype that is presiding over the season we are in, and also tuning into the lunar cycle and how that is affecting our menstrual cycle, which can bring us into alignment with the natural rhythm of the constance dance between the earth and the moon. 

 In particular, the cycles of Grandmother moon have such a profound effect on our lives, our psyche and our bodies, that when we achor our cycles into a sacred practice we begin to access our true innate primal gifts of intuition and connection to our personal power that can ultimately lead to magic, manifestation and liberation. This is a subject that I am passionate about and am delighted to invite you on this journey with me. 

What will I experience on this journey?

Every 2.5 days as the moon moves through each zodiac sign, it is said that she triggers the energy of each sign she passes through.

As we move through these energies I will share a little on what these are and on where the moon is in terms of the 8 phases, she herself is in….new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter etc.

Ancient wisdom has come down to us through tradition and folklore which has suggested that each moon phase has certain activities deemed more successful, done at particular times. For example dark moon when in pre electric times most women would naturally menstruate, it has been observed that for millennia it was a time to gather together in red tents and moon lodges to refill our cups, to pass on the women’s sacred teachings to the young women, to practise our gifts of divination, consulting the oracle and soul sharing between sisters.

New moon is a time to set intentions and manifesting.

The first quarter, is often when we may have doubts about our ability to manifest our dreams so it may be time to recommit or let go and on and on.

I will also be sharing my experience of ancient Irish (preCeltic) spirituality regarding the Goddess’ of the 8 pointed wheel of the Sun and Moon, and how these energies have been anthropomorphised and mythologised in the living landscape around us here in Ireland.

As the moon moves through the zodiac signs I will also be sharings on the biodynamic lunar calendar – for instance today the moon is in Pisces so it is a good day to sow plants that are grown for their leaves or stems.

It’s a good day for skin care and hair removal, getting stains out of clothes!!   

How will we meet?

We will meet on zoom for the new moon and full moon to come into ceremony together to honour ourselves and our connection to the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and Grandmother moon. 

I have been practising Kundalini yoga and meditation for over 16 years and teaching on and off for 11 years and during each month will offer videos of suggested practices that can support our connection to the Divine source within.

Monthly Subscription

To be part of this sharing I’m asking a monthly subscription of 20€.

This subscription included:

When you set up a subscription (that of course can be cancelled anytime) You’ll receive a link to my telegram group where you’ll receive all of the offerings mentioned above. Including links to videos in my private YouTube channel   

You will also be able to join my bi monthly zoom calls for free where we will come into ceremony at the times of the new and full moons. 

So fasten your seat belts sisters this is going to be an inspired sacred journey!